Reversed Reference - ...with my friends

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New album from Reversed Reference! 
Set to release on June 7th, "...with my friends" is a trip of an album taking influence from several electronic genres such as ambient, IDM/braindance, noise, vaporwave/plunderphonics, synthwave, and many more! 

This album serves at a sort of "goodbye" to this period in my life, as I'm now moving onto college this coming summer, as well as a "thank you" to all of my friends I've made and moved on from in real life and online. I'm sure I'll be making many many more friends in my coming years at college. 

Some "friends" included on this album are: 

Vaporwave extraordinaire V//Tomo, who released the amazing Dirty Odyssey last year... 
Prog rock artist Vinyl Dial, who helps run Flamingo Vapor, and released the amazing Space Wizard LP... 
Greystar, an IDM producer such as myself in the states, who is incredibly underrated, and you should all go check his stuff out!... 
Our Vision, an amazing shoegaze/hypnagogic pop producer who I've come to know previously on a music forum... 
cysteke and Dream Position, other amazing electronic...  more


released June 7, 2019 

All tracks written and produced by Reversed Reference, except for 

Track 1: noise provided by Greystar 
Track 5: produced with V//Tomo 
Track 7: guitar, bass, and production by cysteke 
Track 9: guitar by Our Vision 
Track 10: (full credits in track info) 
Track 11: remix by Vinyl Dial